Receding hairline

A receding hairline starts developing in men as they age while women experience more often thinning hair. However, it is possible that women experience a receding hairline. For example: frontal fibrosing alopecia and traction alopecia can cause this.

Causes of a receding hairline

 The average person's scalp has about 100.000 hairs that grow from the follicles beneath the skin's surface. Normally 50 to 100 hairs fall out and will be replaced immediately. When you suffer from hair loss or hair thinning this might be more. 

A receding hairline can be a hereditary trait and hair follicles are made too sensitive by male hormones. Men who have family members that suffer from hair loss are more likely to also lose their hair. 

Hormonal changes may cause hair loss in women. Menopause, childbirth or hormonal periods can lead to thinning hair, but the hairline will not change.

Symptoms of a receding hairline

For men, a receding hairline can start any time after the end of puberty. By the time many men reach their late 30s, they often notice a receding hairline. The receding of hairline starts around the temples. 

When around the temples your hair starts to reduce the hairline moves back across the top of the head. This often leads a ring of hair around the top of a bare scalp.

A receding hairline can also begin above the temples. The hair gets V-shaped and is called "widow's peak". The sides and back of the head can eventually become bare, though many man are usually left with some hair unless they shave it off. In women the sides and back are typically spared, but the part widens over the top of the scalp and thins considerably.

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Treatment against a receding hairline

When you suffer from a receding hairline there are several things you can do to combat against your hair loss:

Eating a healthy diet

Eating a diet that is healthy for your body and skin is important. Vitamins and Nutrients are necessary for your body and stimulate hair growth. Another factor that helps to reduce the hair loss are antioxidants. The antioxidants may help your hair to look fuller and healthier. Products that help to combat against stress and contain many antioxidants are: walnuts, beans, blueberries and spinach.

Vitamins such as Vitamin A, Vitamin B7 and Vitamin B12 help against hair loss and with the growth of new hair. If you want to read more about what vitamins can do for your hair condition you can read this article.

 There are also nutrients that can help with hair growth. These are nutrients such as iron, zinc and protein. When you want to read more about nutrients for hair growth you can read this article.

Gently shampoo

The Neofollics Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo is an effective shampoo that contains effective ingredients that stimulate hair growth. The shampoo has also an nourishing effect and protects the scalp against dandruff and lays the foundation for healthy hair growth.

Hair growth stimulating shampoo


Medications can be used against hair loss and a receding hairline. Many people use minoxidil but this is not without consequences. Indeed, minoxidil has a number of drawbacks such as headaches and, in some cases, an increase in blood pressure and hair loss. Hence Neofollics works with neoxyl an agent with the same positive effects for growing new hair and with fewer negative side effects.

Herbal remedies

Topically applied herbal remedies may support healthier, fuller hair if you have a receding hairline. Panex Ginseng and aloe vera are traditional medicines that help with hair growth. Also, Saw Palmetto is an herbal remedy that helps to slow the hair loss down. These ingredients you can find in our Neofollics Hair Growth Supporting Tablets and they will help you to regain or contain healthy hair.

Hair growth supporting Tablets

Essential oils

There are a number of oils that are indispensable for developing hair growth. These include rosemary oil, lavender oil and peppermint oil. These are promising treatments for hair loss and boost your fight against a receding hairline. If you want to read what else these oils work against consult this page.

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Complete treatment against receding hairline

A complete treatment against a receding hairline is a treatment which contains various products that maintain the hairline from all sides. Such a treatment is the Neofollics advanced hair loss treatment which contains a powerful combination of the Neofollics Shampoo, Neofollics Conditioner, Neofollics Lotion and the Neofollics Tablets By using  them together you prevent further hair loss, improve the general condition of the hair improves and even stimulate new hair growth.

Advanced hair loss treatment

DHT levels

To prevent your hair from falling off you need to control your DHT levels. DHT stands for dihydrotestosterone which is an hormone in your body. When DHT levels rise, hair loss may increase. You can decrease the DHT levels in your body by including certain foods in your diet. 

Stress and anxiety

A lot of stress and anxiety can cause hair loss. That is why Neofollics advices you to do a lot of exercises to lower stress levels.