Best beard products

For many men a beard is something they are proud of. But of course you have to maintain it properly. Things like trimming, shaving, degreasing and washing are daily activities. In addition, you can choose to use products that may help your beard grow. Such as a beard roller and a stimulating serum.

The hair follicles under the skin are at least as important to treat as the hairs that are visible. It's like the campsite rule: no matter how long your beard is, you should be using beard products that benefit both the hair and skin and won't do damage to either.
That's why in this article you'll read all about the development of beard growth and the best beard products.

How to grow a beard?

Unfortunately, not everyone's beard grows at the same speed and some men find it difficult to grow a beard.

This may be because it's not in your genes or because of an underlying disorder. Fortunately, there are ways to encourage beard hair growth. Neofollics has developed a beard serum especially for this purpose, which can be easily applied to the skin.

Most results are seen after just three months, with a fuller beard being visible. Here are a few examples:
Beard growth

How does it work?

The Neofollics Beard Growth Serum is a multifunctional beard serum that stimulates beard growth with scientifically proven ingredients. The beard serum has the following characteristics:

  • The beard growth gets stimulated and activates new beard hairs.
  • It makes the beard look fuller.
  • It supplies the beard with necessary nutrients. You can also use these Hair Growth Supporting Tablets, that are rich of nutrients and vitamins. And help you combatting deficiencies.
  • It improves the overall skin condition.

Effective and nourishing result

The beard growth serum is not dangerous to apply to your skin. It also absorbs quickly into the skin and does not stick. The ingredients in this product are clinically and dermatologically tested. Our customers tell us that the serum has a nice fragrance and gives a nourishing effect. Most see significant results and are very satisfied with the product.

Stimulate beard growth

Using a serum that works effectively may not be enough for you. If you want to see fast results and avoid holes in your beard, it is also advisable to pay attention to a few things in everyday life.

In addition, a beard roller can also record effective results. After all, with the serum, you don't reach the beard follicles in every single place. It is necessary to make small holes in the skin to reach them. With the Beard Growth Roller from Neofollics, you create these small holes and allow the serum to reach the hair follicles and stimulate hair growth.

Things that further enhance your beard growth are:

  • Testosterone: high levels of testosterone lead to a better chance of growing abundant facial and body hair. However, men with higher testosterone levels are often more prone to baldness because of dihydrotestosterone (DHT).
  • Less stress: stress can change growth rates on both hair and scalp, because it weakens the immune system.
  • Change your unhealthy lifestyle: an unhealthy lifestyle can influence the amount of vitamins and nutrients that your body uses for combatting bacteria and caring your own body and hair growth. When you have a deficiency, it can cause hair loss and bald spots. That's why it's a good idea to take supporting tablets that ensure you get enough vitamins and minerals.

How long does it take to grow a beard

Depending on your age and propensity for beard growth, it can grow in a few months. This does not mean that you will immediately have a full beard. You may end up with a goatee, for instance, or have hair visible on the sideburns. 

Your hair does not grow at the same rate in every place. That is why it is important to use the roller on the places where your hair does not grow fast and to apply the serum properly.

What is a greasy beard

A greasy beard in men is often caused by hormones. Male skin produces more sebum oil and collagen than female skin. As a result, hair often appears greasier than in women.

Washing the beard with soap can make the skin appear greasy. Frequent use of soap in the beard can make the skin think that it needs to keep producing a certain amount of sebum to keep the skin clean. This then leads to overproduction and greasiness.

Stress can also lead to an oily beard and hair loss, as cortisol levels in your body rise and more oil is produced.

Reusing towels can also reintroduce certain fats to the skin. These tend to linger, and there is another reason why you should never reuse towels and that has to do with possible viruses and bacteria that may linger on them.

Beard roller

How to prevent a greasy beard

 An oily beard can be prevented by searching the internet for products that are effective against it. Be careful about the products you buy and what ingredients they contain, as certain ingredients may cause beard hair loss or have little effect.

When you want to combat oily hair and at the same time maintain growth, we refer you to this serum that contains a high concentration of active ingredients. You should only consider to take a serum that consists out of natural ingredients, with effective and stimulating plant extracts. Because a naturally- derived beard serum will absorb easier in to the skin, especially if you use a enhancing roller in advance. In combination, these are the best beard growth products and help to prevent a greasy and matted looking appearance and helps with the growth of new hairs.


The best beard growth products are the 'beard growth serum' and 'beard enhancing roller' of Neofollics. They do not only stimulate the beard growth. They also activate new hairs and help against a greasy beard.